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Advanced Reports

Affiliate Product Links

by Guru Dynamics
Affiliate / External Product Links

Want to carry and sell affiliate products in your Magento store? Now you can sell affiliate products in your store on their own, or alongside your existing products.

Affiliate Product Links by Guru Dynamics allows you to add a new product type within your catalog that features an external link to redirect customers to the sellers store when they click "Add to Cart", bypassing the Magento checkout process.

The "Add to Cart" button text can be changed to whatever text you like, i.e. "Checkout At Amazon" or "Visit". You can even specifiy whether to open the link in the same, or a new window.

Once configured, the affiliate product is seen on both the category & product page. You can add affiliate products just like regular products via the Magento dashboard in catalog.

Our extension even supports bulk upload via CSV import.

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