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Have a great idea for a Mobile App? Ever wish your eCommerce store or web site could be rolled into an App? Go Non-Native!

A Native app is a self-contained program that lives on a smartphone downloaded from an app store, while a (Non-Native) Progressive Web App is a mobile app distributed through the web.

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) combine the look and feel of an app with the ease of programming a website, resulting in lower development costs than Native Apps. PWAs amalgamate the advantages of mobile web with the strengths of native apps to create a new “best of the best” technology. These cutting edge apps make it easier and faster for your users to engage your content. Engaged users take more action and increase revenue. 

When a customer visits your site for the first time, they will be invited to use your Progressive Web App by adding it to their homescreen ~ just one click, no complicated installation required. This opens the door to useful push notifications, instant access on homescreen, and so on. Needless to say, Progressive Web Apps are the perfect solution for ecommerce store owners who want to drive shopper engagement and revenue. They are also great for site owners and sales agents who wants to build their brand and relationships, capture more leads, close more deals, and use push notifications to cut through the clutter ~ keeping clients informed of new offerings.

Great User Experience on Any Platform, Any Device!

PWAs provide a great UX on smartphones and tablets (Android, iPhone/iPad). Since they are HTML5-based, they load instantly on any platform or device. PWAs are not downloaded via an app store ~ 75% of users give up on their download before they even exit an app store! PWAs translate to less frustration, less data usage, faster downloads and more customer satisfaction.

Quickly Add to Homescreen

When a user visits your site on their mobile, they will be prompted to add a shortcut to their homescreen and will instantly have access your Progressive Web App. After that, they will experience an app-like look and feel in full-screen mode – without the distraction of the URL bar. Compared to persuading them to install a native app, it becomes much easier to earn a place on the their homescreen.

Lightning Fast Load Speed

More than 50% of visitors will leave your mobile website if takes more than 3 seconds to load. PWAs load faster than mobile sites. The PWA is loaded almost instantly – milliseconds, not seconds. Your customers won't see the flash of white screen navigating between pages, and the page header will persist throughout the transition.

Engaging Push Notifications

With this amazing feature you can engage and draw customer attention even when their browser is closed. You can easily notify your buyers of promotional offers, introduce your latest products and even remind them to visit your store after a certain number of days or weeks. Many marketers prefer push over traditional email marketing as people are more likely to open a push notification than an email.

Convenient Offline Mode

This is impossible for websites and some apps but not for Progressive Web Apps. Under poor or non-existent connectivity, customers can still continue browsing in your PWA as long as they have visited your pages. As a result, they can enjoy a seamless shopping experience in your store or site – anywhere they go – even in uncertain network areas like an elevator or subway.

Searchable & Prioritized By Search Engines

Since the Progressive Web App has the same structure as your website, it can be optimized, searched by search engines and shared via URLs as well. With Google set to prioritize sites that load faster for mobile in summer 2018, you can expect to enjoy a significant SEO advantage for your business

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